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Benjamin Betts
UNIT 5 – DISCUSSION BOARD Fri 3/25/2022 8:05 PM
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While doing the research paper I was able to strengthen my ability to go deeper in finding resources. Most of the time I stop at the first few links, but I have learned to look more and even try different phrases to get to were I need to be. In the project I am doing the marketing end of things and any intellipath that deals with marketing I try to see if I can incorporate the lesson into my writings. Using that knowledge plus readings from the text and MUSE has made it easier to be able to understand the marketing aspect of the paper. When it comes to how this will help in the future, and I believe only time will tell. Depending on the job I may need all of what I learned but on the other hand may just need the basics. But it is good to have that knowledge so when the time comes to use it you can show that you know what to do. There are 6 elements, and they are Vision, mission, objective, strategy, approach, and tactics. (The Spur Group) Without one than the others could not be achieved causing a path for disaster and believe they all are equally important. You start with the vision because that is the dream of what you want to achieve. Mission is to show why this business was started and what the founders want to achieve. Having objectives are goals you want the company to strive for and achieve. Strategy is making a plan of attack. Approach is how you go about running and handling the company. Last there is tactics which I believe can be seen as departments or divisions which are smaller groups or pieces that work to make the whole, the company, run to be a success.
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