Research Methodology

Assignment – Research Methodology (UAPA0013-3)
All students should prepare a proposal consisting of three chapters for the course assessment. The
research topic should reflect the proposed research. The three chapters should cover the introduction,
literature review, and methodology. Below is the outline example for all chapters:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Introduction/ Overview
Problem Statement
Aim & Objectives
Scope and Limitation of Study
Significant of the Study
Chapter 2: Literature Review
Explanation on the problem
Previous research related to the problem/Previous studies
Summary/Conclusion (Research Gap)
Chapter 3: Methodology
Flow Chart
Expected Finding
The proposal should be written in Times New Roman with a font size of 12, double line spacing and
21 maximum pages. Please make sure the similarity is less than 20% from the Turnitin system and
include the Turnitin report in the submission. The report should be submitted to the submission folder
in the elearning system. Please submit your assignment before 1 February 2022.