Research Intention Proposal

Research Intention Proposal


1 About You

1.1.Family Name: First Name:

1.2. Student ID:

1.3. Identified Supervisor: (if there is a staff member with whom the research could be undertaken/you would prefer to work – please propose it here):­­­­­­­_____________________________________________________________

2. Name of collaborating establishments [if any]: (if there are any organisations with whom you will be working and/or securing access from – please outline here)


3. Your intended programme of research

3.1. Your intended title of the proposed dissertation: (this is a workable and descriptive thematic title only – to help guide supervisor allocation)


3.2 Expansion upon your title with your research question(s): (you may have core questions from your area of research to cite here)



. 3.3. Research aim(s) – typically upto 4 can be listed here (you may have core aims (answers) to seek from your research questions to cite here)





4 Intended Initial literature focus : (It is not expected here that you will have a review – but that you have identified likely areas of reading that would seem to be appropriate for your questions and aims).




5 Proposed plan of work: (A Gantt chart would be helpful but providing an indication of when you expect each area of your research to be completed will support consideration of the feasibility of the intended research).



6 Suggested Methodological focus: (IF you have any additional insights in why and how you will undertake the data collection (in whatever form) – you can add it here)

Once this form is completed – please email to [email protected] no later than 28th February ideally(!)