Research Essay Plan

The Research Essay Plan is worth 15% of the overall marks for this unit and should be 350-450 words in length.  

The essay plan is to be submitted through Turnitin by 11:50pm on Sunday 20th November 2022 – the end of week 3.

The essay question is:  

Motivation is the most important factor in academic success. Do you agree? 

Your essay plan must follow the instructions on the Essay Plan Template and be submitted in the supplied format. This includes using complete sentences for the thesis statement and topic sentences, then dot points to complete other parts of the plan.  

In addition, you are expected to write a full draft of your introduction paragraph.  

If you are a repeating student, you must not submit an essay plan from a previous term. Please talk to your teacher. 

You need to include a minimum of 3 current academic sources (such as books or recently published journal articles). One of your sources may include the supplied text but you need to have found at least 2 other sources of your own. 

You may discuss the essay question with others and you may use some of the same resources. You must, however, plan your essay INDEPENDENTLY to avoid allegations of collusion.  

A penalty of 10% per calendar day applies for submissions made after the due date and time unless an extension has been granted. 

Please keep within the required word limit. A penalty of 10% will be applied to essay plans that are more than 10% over or under the word limit.