Research and Presentation on security

Assignment 3

Research and Presentation on security vulnerability tools using Kali Linux

Topic Selection

Each group needs to select one of the following security vulnerability testing tools of Kali Linux on a first come first served basis:




Zed Attack Proxy


Metasploit Framework

Burp Suite

If there are more groups than the number of available topics, then one topic can be selected by more than one group. This should be arranged under the discretion of Lecturer/Tutor.

If a group wants to select a security vulnerability testing tool of Kali Linux that is not listed above, the group needs to discuss this with the Lecturer/Tutor.

3. Deliverables

Members of each group need to learn the usage of the selected tool of Kali Linux. For this students need to research, install, and use Kali Linux and the selected tool. After sufficient study and hands on experience, each group needs to prepare and submit a report, and orally present their understanding on the selected tool and Kali Linux as a whole (individual member presentation). Formats of report and oral presentation are mentioned below.