Requirement for the questions: Par.

Requirement for the questions: Part A: Question :1 company to be selected is Volkswagen (500 words) Need to explain business and its values and ethics questioned and its behaviour need to be explained United nations global compact 10 principles need to be highlighted and answer is based on principles 7,8,9,10 Question 2:( 500 words) Business sectors demand on natural environment Give reasons and reasons need to be explained with sub headings Explain consumption of natural resources in developing countries which is increasing (give reasons and explain the reasons) Explain consumption of natural resources in developed countries which is continuing (give reasons and explain) PART B: Every questions need to be explained in detail and should be at least 300 words each 5 questions 300 words each Part c Based on requirement worth 500 words Referencing is not necessary need solutions with detail and need to be covered everything Please carefully look at the questions and their requirements

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