reputation and high-quality products and services.

Lam company limited is proud of its reputation and high-quality products and services. The company produces cartridge for printers. It uses two different types of distribution.
(i)    Direct distribution
(ii)    Distribution through stationary shop
It uses direct distribution to supply cartridges to organisations, and for individual customers through stationary shops. Last few months, the company is experiencing difficulties, concerned with the problems that it was having with its customers returning defective toner cartridges . About 600 of these were being returned every month. The customer service department found that not all the returns were actually result of a faulty product. Because some users may not very familiar with the correct method of loading the cartridge into the printer. The management has decided to obtain information to handle this issue. You have been asked to prepare a report to analyse this problem/issues (obtain data, analyse, and provide recommendations).
Your report should address answers to the following questions/issues:
a)    Identify and analyse the business problems at Lam Limited
b)    List any two effective methods to obtain feedback form customers and staff to handle this issue?
c)    What type of information/data is required to reach a decision on this problem /issue