relatively successful and profitable website


ABC is an online book store and publisher, with a relatively successful and profitable website. Their daily traffic runs at about 3,000 unique visitors a day, and while they don’t sell a ton of books the website is a profitable part of their business.

ABC Plans to Up Customer Engagement on Their Website

In January, 2014, ABC decided it wanted to keep visitors on their website longer. They found that on average, visitors spend about one minute on the site, and view about five pages per visit. Their thinking was that if they could double or triple these numbers, AND create a more “fun” web environment, they could increase their overall traffic, and increase their sales by a similar amount.

  1. ABC is seeking your advice in this matter. How could you help ABC’s website to UP customer engagement? List your suggestions with reasoning.


3 months later (March 2014)

After implementing your suggestions, to its surprise ABC online webstore witnessed double the traffic and also noticed that the average time spent on the website jumped up to 3 mins too. As a result, ABC’s office got flooded with enquiries which provided the much-needed push to book sales (including eBooks).


Couple of months later (May 2014)

ABC noticed a rise in customer complaints and a subsequent decline in sales too. Issues like delayed deliveries, missed deliveries, wrong deliveries, wrong billing etc. And to the frustration


of the customers, the only way to communicate with ABC’s office was through email. Sometimes they had to wait for over 3 days to hear back from ABC’s office. Problem resolution would take 3 to 5 weeks, that left customers utterly frustrated.

  1. In your opinion what could have gone wrong? Is it a lack of resources, infrastructure, staff training or something else? Analyse the case and make recommendations supported by reasoning.




Word limit: 500 to 750 words

APA format

Cite your arguments using recent/current peer reviewed articles  (2 articles)