Refurbishing Heathrow Airport

Refurbishing Heathrow Airport Terminal 1, On Time, On Budget, With No Disruptions to Travelling Public Source: Project Management Institute, Copyright 2013 This case study can be found at the following link. It is the upgrade project for Heathrow Airport in the UK, one of the busiest airports in the world. The assignment requires you to read this case report and search it for two items: (1) The positives in this project (what went well) (2) The setbacks in this project (what didn’t go well or could have gone better) You are not required to make any recommendations for improvement. Rather, you are reading the report to simply identify, list and discuss the positives and setbacks. Three (3) positives and three (3) setbacks are to be identified and detailed. Each positive or setback is detailed in 2 to 4 paragraphs where you describe (in detail) the issue, why you think it went right (or wrong) and use references from the literature that discuss this weakness or strength. For example, if you identify that the budget for this project was exceeded, you will write the details of this cost overrun and cite references that discuss cost overruns being a common problem in projects. Some positives and setbacks are clear as they are explicitly mentioned, while others may be implied and will need you to read into the case report and make conclusions about those strengths or weaknesses. The assignment takes the form of a report with the specified headings in the summary above. The purpose of the report is to assess your ability to read a project case report, identify issues in the project and report them back to an audience of readers. Link to the case report via the Project Management Institute web site: