My professor just gave back this assignment back to me with some feedback without any grade. He suggested to fix the issues and return to her because if she was to grade it im on a margin to be failing it. There are not that many issues with the paper that I cannot fix myself, however there is an important fundamental problem that is lack of referencing to quotes and texts from chapter 17 itself and the other authors’ work. The paper as a research should have a lot more direct quotations and paraphrases (in which you include authors last name and page number) from All authors specially, Manent, Hibbos and Neitzche.

Also, as mentioned in the assignment guidlines in the conclusion paragraph, you need to mention which of the two readings of the issue they find the most convincing and why?Within conclusion you have pointed out the idea behind both author’s work. However, no comparison in this term with reason has been done.

I will appreciate if you can revise the two issues and return the paper to me within 12-24 hours because that is the maximum time my professor has allowed me to return the paper if I want to be graded.

I have done some revisions on the document myself before handing it in and I don’t want to loose those changes after you revise the paper. I have attached for you my final copy. Please do all the changes on this file that I have attached for you (not your last upload).

revise on the file attached only.

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