Assignment Brief
Academic Year 2022-23
Module code and title: FY026 Preparing for Success at Module leader: Shan Wikoon University: Knowledge and Creativity Assignment No. and type: CW1: Reflective Essay Assessment weighting: 40% Submission time and date: Target feedback time and date: 3 weeks after submission deadline
Assignment task

Write a reflective essay of 1000 words to:
• Explain how you have developed as a learner during this module. giving examples from your experience on the module. • Explain how you will approach the future challenges and expectations of a university course. You should use Driscoll’s reflective model in support of completing this assignment.
What is a reflection?

Reflection is a form of thinking and learning from past events and experiences for personal growth.
To learn from an event or an experience it is necessary to stand back and think about it from different perspectives.
Break it down to mini events.
Understand how it happened and why it happened that way. This detailed analysis of a past event is not the only component of reflection.