References: 16 APA still i didnt get.

References: 16 APA still i didnt get any material regarding assignment so please follow learning guide & make Individual Report learning guide page number 12, 13, 14, 15 must follow Rationale: Implementing governance reforms is a central task for any health manager and reforms permeate all levels of the organisation/health system. Making the link from strategic to operational planning and implementation and avoiding any implementation gap is the difficult part of the manager’s role. Implementations issues, problems and unexpected or adverse effects of reform can sometimes be identified. Feedback on this is important for all stakeholders to advance health system development. Task: Identify a recent health reform of your choice, within the last five years or less. Students may analyse the recent Australian health reforms or select a reform from another country after discussion with and approval by the lecturer. Using report format interpret the objectives of the reform, critically evaluate the strategy and explore opportunities for further reform development. Criteria: you will be assessed on the following: • Use of report format (RF) and length including quality of the executive summary (ES), contents page (CP) matching section headings in text, with page numbering. • Proof reading for spelling, grammar, punctuation, language fluency. • Construction of paragraphs and writing in a formal academic style. • Citation and referencing with minimal use of quotations. • Evidence of undertaking research on the topic eg ability to identify and apply a minimum of ten recent ie from 2010 onwards, and relevant references preferably from refereed journals and government sources. • Understanding of the intent of the reform and practical application eg who targeted both customers and providers, stakeholders, mechanisms used, compliance requirements, accountability measures, and how effectiveness will be evaluated/demonstrated. • Critical analysis skills as shown through the ability to make recommendations for further reforms, other changes and improvements that emerge logically from the text. Please follow everything carefully.

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