reason why the decomposed relation

1)    Why is the relation in 1NF? State the reason briefly.

2)    Is the relation in 2NF? State your reason briefly with example.

Decompose the relation to 3NF. State the reason why the decomposed relation is in 3NF1)    Find the names of items sold on first and second floors. [1 mark]



2)    For each department, list the department name  and average salary of the employees where the average salary of the employees is great than $28,000. [1 mark]



3)    List the name and salary of the managers with no more than 10 employees. [2 marks]



4)    List the names of the employees who earn more than any employee in the Deliver department. [2 marks]

1)    Relational algebra is a language used to manipulate relational databases. Describe the purpose of the following commands in relational algebra.  [2 marks]


  2. JOIN

iii.    UNION


2)    What function does an attribute of an entity perform in a DBMS? [2 marks]


3)    What is deadlock? When might a deadlock occur? Provide an example. [3 marks]