Reading Material and Exercises book

Write four (4) abstracts: 1. Write an abstract of 300 words for the four (4) nominated readings in the Reading Material and Exercises book (RME). The nominated readings for the current study session are listed below. 2. Under each of the four (4) abstracts, write a 150 word example of how each reading relates to your work experience, or how they could relate to an imaginary work situation. If you do not have any relevant work experience the “experience” components may be based on your personal experience. Note: A feature of the assignment is the requirement of strict compliance with the word limits, each component has a word count tolerance of plus 10%. see Length below. Autumn 2016 Nominated Readings are: Reading 1.3 Jackall, R. (1988), Chapter 4, ‘Looking up and looking around’, in Moral Mazes, Oxford 07/03/2016  Length: Due: University Press, NY. Reading 3.3, Fischoff, B., Slovic, P. ad Lichtenstein, S. (1980), ‘Knowing what you want: measuring labile values’, in Bell, D. E., Raiffa, H. and Tversky, A., Decision Making: Descriptive, Normative, and Prescriptive Interactions, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Reading 4.2, Reason, J. (1990), ‘A general view of accident causation in complex systems’, in Human Error, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Reading 8.2 Callon, M. (1987), ‘Society in the Making: the study of technology as a tool for sociological analysis’ in Bijker, W.E. et al (eds), The Social Construction of Technological Systems, The MIT Press. Total Assignment length = 4 x (300 plus 150) = 1800 words. The word limit for each individual component must not be exceeded by more than 10%. Accordingly, each abstract must be no more 300-330 words followed by a maximmum 150-165 word example.