Read Literature Like a Professor

Read “How to Read Literature Like a Professor” Chapter 5: “When in Doubt it’s from Shakespeare…” “You’ll be _______________ by the dominance of the ___________. He’s everywhere, in every ________________ form you can think of.” (33) Referencing Shakespearean words, plots, or characters not only lends a text some credibility, but it is almost like building on a ___________ text or myth. Shakespeare is so entrenched in our _______________ identity of literature that he is hard not to connect to. That is why he connects to many different novels, plays, movies, songs, poems, etc. “Name another ____________ to whom high schoolers are subjected in each of four years.” (37) Read “How to Read Literature Like a Professor” Chapter 7:Hanseldee and Greteldum This chapter explains that many tales are inspired or influenced by common ___________________ stories and ___________ tales from our upbringing. Foster suggests taking a classic fairy tale as a __________________ for a story and changing enough _____________________ that it becomes new. “We’re not trying to re-______________ the fairy tale here. Rather, we’re trying to make use of ______________ or patterns, portions of some prior story…to add ____________ and texture to your story, to bring out a _____________, to lend irony to a statement, to play with readers’ _______________ ingrained knowledge of fairy tales.” (56-57)