Question 1: (1.5+3+3=7.5 marks) Open ‘Assignment Two.pkt’ using Packet Tracer. All ports on all devices in the network are preconfigured with IP addresses. However, the routing protocol is not configured in the routers of the  given network. Configure RIP version 2 routing protocol in each of those routers and test the  connectivity of the network. Write CLI (Command Line Interface) commands you have used in both  (HQ and East) routers for RIP version 2 as your answer and screenshot of your connectivity test using  ping from PC1 to PC‐HQ1.  Marking distribution â€  1.5 marks for fully functional routing configuration  3 for correct routing commands in HQ routers  3 for correct routing commands in East routers    Question 2: (5+2.5=7.5 marks) In the given network of ‘Assignment Two.pkt’, EAST Router receives a packet with destination address Answer the following questions based on the network. a) Construct the classful routing tables for EAST router (5 marks) b) Show the detailed process, with relevant calculations and conversions, of how the packet is forwarded by East Router