purpose of social policies

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SAP101 BCS Term 2.0-2022 Assessment 2 (30%) Individual Essay. 0 Untitled
assessment 2 (30%): Individual Essay (1500 – 1700 words) – Due in Week 9
Assessment 2: Individual Written Essay (30%) Due Date: Week 9 Word limit: 1500 — 1700 words
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It is important for community services workers to understand the purpose of social policies, why they are developed and how they are shaped by the different theoretical perspectives and values of the decision makers in government. It is often a theoretical or ideological viewpoint which informs social policy decision making rather than a genuine identified social need or evidence-based research.
For this assessment, you must choose ONE social policy from the list below and the relevant social system it applies to: Australia’s First Nation People – Education Health Public Service
1 your essay, you must answer/fulfill the following: 1. Describe the history of your chosen policy 2. Was it shaped by a genuine identified social need? Or did it come about as a result of the values of government decision makers? 3. Discuss the impact of your chosen policy on Australian society, specifically on a social system/s ‘Jots: You must write about an Australian social policy.
.1se APA 7 Referencing. Your essay should include at least 5 (scholarly) journal articles read, in addition to any textbook references. The format of your essay will be discussed in greater detail during tutorials.