Public Relations- Law

Public Relations- Law

4 questions, each response must have at least 400 words each. Format is “Times Roman, Font 12”. Include the question in bold at the beginning of each response.

1. Evaluate the views of the Critical Legal Studies School of jurisprudence. What are the benefits and drawbacks of using broad notions of fairness in deciding cases?

2. What changes should be made to copyright law to reflect the ease with which much creative material can be reproduced and distributed over the internet? What concerns are there with any such law?

3. What problems in connection with offer and acceptance might arise in an online auction situation? Are there any rules that could address these?

4. What is the purpose of the patrol evidence rule? Would it be better to simply allow all patrol evidence in as evidence and leave it up to the jury on how much weight to give to the evidence? Would this be better than not allowing the jury to see the evidence at all? What advantages and disadvantages would there be to eliminating the patrol evidence rule?