provides fast food products to customers



McDonald’s is a multinational company that provides fast food products to customers, and it is also the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue.( Forbes. Retrieved December 12, 2017.)It was founded in 1940 and is run by Richard and Maurice. McDonald’s is located in San Bernardino, California, USA.(April 24, 2018. Retrieved April 25, 2018 – via CBS Chicago.)

As of 2018, serving more than 69 million customers daily at 37,855 stores in more than 100 countries.(Retrieved July 30, 2017.)Among them, McDonald’s sells the most famous hamburgers, cheese fries and hamburgers. In most markets, McDonald’s offers salads and vegetarian meals to guests, and McDonald’s also offers guests McRib sandwiches in season.( Fox News Channel. July 23, 2011. Archived from the original on March 28, 2012. Retrieved August 3, 2011.)As McDonald’s has grown in popularity and has entered multiple international markets, the McDonald’s Corporation has become a classic symbol of globalization and the American way.

Through this report, we will understand how the McDonald’s company was established, conducted a situation analysis, and over time, how the company has conducted marketing links, the report highlights internal and external factors, and comprehensive SWOT and Market Analysis.The internal analysis mainly focuses on the political and legal environment, economic environment, social environment, and technological environment of McDonald’s. The external analysis mainly discusses the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and risks of McDonald’s.


  1. Company and Product line Overview:

McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant, mainly in the form of restaurants. There are more than 35,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries and regions to serve customers. The average number of people employed by McDonald’s is estimated to have exceeded 4 million people, including teenagers. McDonald’s has 7,000 daily  10,000 customers provide marketing services. According to data analysis by IBISWORLD, McDonald’s has the largest share of 17% in the US fast food industry in recent years. And it provides a unified menu, including fries, chicken rolls, burgers, desserts and drinks. Of course, McDonald’s in the United States  Its main competitors are Burger King and WEN. As a company that operates globally, McDonald’s has to adapt to pressure and competition, as well as adapt to the food choices of local guests, especially when it comes to meat.

And McDonald’s is the largest restaurant industry, there are many kinds of food, and they have tried many different varieties.(, Robert (February 22, 2017). “10 McDonald’s Menu Items We Wish They’d Bring Back”. (TOPTENT. Retrieved January 18, 2018.).For example, the hamburger uses a triple burger and a bacon double cheese.(The Big Mac turns 40, gets a museum”. (ABC News. August 26, 2007. Archived from the original on January 19, 2018. Retrieved January 18, 2018.) There is a slice of American cheese between each patty, plus ketchup, mustard and onion. It is different from the previous burger in that it contains three burger patties, and then  with toast and new jalapeños(.McDonald’s. Archived from the original on July 19, 2017. Retrieved July 13, 2017.)






  1. The Marketing Mix

First of all, McDonald’s marketing organization has well defined the fast food company’s standards in terms of product, promotion, location, and price. At the same time, it involves the method of global non-business operation model. ( J. B. (2017). Global Marketing Mix Decisions: Global Integration, Not Standardization. In Global Brand Strategy(pp. 75-109). Macmillan UK.) It has always been in a leading position in the global business marketing model.(Abedian, M., Amindoust, A., Maddahi, R., & juuzdani, J. (2022). A game theory approach to selecting marketing-mix strategies. Journal of Advances in Management Research, 19(1), 139-158.).

  • . Product:

McDonald’s as the first fast food restaurant and as a food service enterprise, its product composition is mainly composed of food and beverages. McDonald’s menu includes hamburgers and cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries, salads, milkshakes and other desserts, of course  There is also ice cream, which is a favorite of children. In addition, McDonald’s restaurants promote various other products during limited-time promotions, and offer MCRIB sandwiches on a seasonal basis, which undoubtedly increases the attractiveness of McDonald’s. (Variety. Retrieved November 12, 2020.) This marketing practice of McDonald’s is mainly  Expresses the goods and services the company provides to the market, as well as the marketing links and strategies in the market(Evans, Stephen (April 20, 2004). “McDonald’s: The journey to health”. (BBC News. Retrieved June 30, 2016.)

McDonald’s products mainly include the following:

(1) Hamburgers and Sandwiches,

(2) Meat and Vegetable Salad,

(3) Chicken, beef, pork and fish,

(4) Snacks and Side Dishes,

(5) drinks, ice cream,

(6) breakfast lunch dinner,

(7) desserts, milkshakes,

(8) coffee, oatmeal,


  • Promotion:

Promotion is one of McDonald’s marketing methods. McDonald’s can use promotion to achieve the purpose of increasing customers, increasing customer demand, and customers buying a lot of McDonald’s products, which is very helpful to the company’s profitability.  The means of promoting promotion through advertising. Now is the Internet era and the era of big data. People are walking on the street and various advertisements are played on TV. People are easily attracted by the advertisements on TV, so as to achieve the purpose of purchase. (LeBron James leaving Coke after almost 18 years to sign endorsement deal with Pepsi, per reports”.) The second is the business  Promotional activities, the so-called promotion, is a big sale of goods, selling them to customers at low prices, thereby attracting more customers to buy and bringing business benefits. The third is to use the public relations of celebrities, such as finding the most popular celebrity endorsement advertisements, will  Stimulate the desire of customers to buy goods. The fourth is direct promotion. Sometimes, companies or enterprises will use the direct marketing model to directly face customers and provide services for customers.(Shanfeld, Ethan (April 20, 2021). “BTS Meal Coming to McDonald’s in May”Variety. Retrieved May 25, 2021.)


  • Place:

The main company of McDonald’s is in the United States, and other branches all over the world. The restaurant is the main marketing venue of McDonald’s. McDonald’s restaurants are distributed in every corner of the country. In addition to restaurants, online payment has also become the location and distribution of McDonald’s.  McDonald’s has its own website and its own app. It’s very convenient for young people. Because you don’t have to go to restaurants to eat, you can save a lot of time. And McDonald’s will also do some activities, such as coupons. When the epidemic reaches, people are quarantined at home  , you can log on to McDonald’s website and order food online. But restaurants are where McDonald’s produces most of its revenue.(McDonald’s Corporation – Mobile Ordering.)


For example:

  1. McDonald’s Mobile program.
  2. Websites and Apps.



  • Price:

McDonald’s markets the price of food and beverages in order to use its own prices to maximize profit and product sales.(W. (2001). Perfection and innovation of 4P marketing mix  How to evaluate 4P marketing mix.Commercial Research,5, 6.) McDonald’s uses bundled pricing, the meaning of which is to make customers feel that the goods they buy are not expensive. In the McDonald’s bundled price strategy  , good at making meal options, if the customer chooses a product for X dollars alone, but the customer chooses a McDonald’s meal, it is actually much cheaper than choosing it alone. At the same time, McDonald’s offers meal and bundled prices at a discounted price. This can optimize the price of the meal  , On the other hand, customers will also feel that they have bought a preferential product. Marketing methods such as McDonald’s highlight the importance of bundled prices that allow customers to buy more products.(Mintz, O., Gilbride, T. J., Lenk, P., & Currim, I. S. (2021). The right metrics for marketing-mix decisions. (International Journal of Research in Marketing, 38(1), 32-49.)





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