Project Strategic Outcomes

C11DX Customer Journey Map

Persona Details:

In here you put the picture, and you can put in the quote and key words


Project Strategic Outcomes:

In here you put in the strategic focus from persona and scenario map i.e keep it consistent


Journey Stage In here identify whether the activity is pre activity, activity or post activity (you can use purchase if it is a transaction  
Moment of Truth In here identify if the step is stimulus i.e less than zero (general awareness), Zero Moment (information search), First moment (i.e consideration), second moment (use/experience) or ultimate (evaluation), draw on the motivator, intent, action and resolution box of the scenario.  You can have multiple moments of truth and do not have to be in this order _   


In here describe customer decision making stage, could be awareness, need recognition, repeat purchase, loyalty etc.  Again does not have to be linear. Draw on the actions box of your scenario  


Draw on put in here pictures to illustrate, these should aid understanding, you can merge cells in table.        


Here put in text to describe what is happening        


Short Text Description Usually there is a page break here so this is to remind you of the columns and is the same as text description    
Device (s) Used Draw on the persona and the information in the technological behaviour box to help complete the device used at each stage. It is OK to put none      
Touch Points


Identity the key point of interaction at each step for the persona. These can be media (brand owned, shared, earned and paid), independent, online and offline.    
Pain Points


Where the persona will find difficulty at each stage.  key goals and frustrations from the persona here and also think about how the psychological information i.e lifestyle    
Emotional Journey What the persona is feeling at each stage. Draw on psychological information as well as key frustrations and the thinking and  feeling part of the Scenario map    
Social Interaction Who the persona interacts with at each stage Draw on understanding of the role of peer groups and influences of others in the persona    
Ideas to help


Draw on your questions and ideas to help from the scenario. In the critical narrative try to support your suggestions with citation and evidence of it working in other sectors.