project management software tools

In a continuing effort to provide you with relevant information about the legal field Virginia College provides you with virtual guest speakers or field trips in your online classroom. The presentation in this course is on project management software tools. Enjoy the video and complete the research assignment below. Project Management Software Tools James Marion is the Program Chair and Assistant Professor in the Master of Science in Engineering Management Program in the Department of Management Sciences for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide. He has been teaching since 2009 for Embry-Riddle in the Master of Science in Project Management Program, and became Chair of the MS in Engineering Management Program in 2013. After completing this week’s required reading and viewing the PowerPoint slides, complete the research assignment. Project scheduling software gives project managers and key stakeholders a visual tool to see project schedules. This makes it easier on the project manager to break down large complex projects into manageable tasks. For this research assignment, do an internet search for “project scheduling software.” Find at least three different applications and complete the following tasks: • Summarize each tool and provide the link. • State the strengths and weaknesses of each tool. • Assess usability • State which tool you would choose to use and give your rationale. • How would this tool help you as a project manager?