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10 Project Management Knowledge Areas

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10 Project Management Knowledge Areas

The key areas of the project management knowledge areas include (i) Project quality management, which focusses on the standards set for the fulfilment of the project using the budget allocated. (ii) Project scope management, which involves the works of a project that are a part of the management plan. (iii) Project time management, which involved proper organization of projects according to schedules whereby the beginning data and deadlines are considered. (iv) Project cost management, which integrates the budges of projects. (v) Project integration management. This area focusses on the elements that put a project together.

The Project cost management area integrates critical plans as developing projects, which are established during the stages of initiation (Westland, 2019). (vi) Project Human Resource Management, which is a significant resource that enable complete fulfilment of the project. (vii) Project stakeholder management, which effective management of the needs of the people involved in fulfilling the project. (viii) Project risk management, which focusses on prioritization, categorization and itemization of risks. (ix) Project procurement management that focusses on outside procurement that is a major segment of many projects, e.g., recruiting contractors; and lastly (x) Project communication management focussing on the areas of project management that have to be informed to the team.



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