Progressive Learning Portfolio

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Subject Code and Title INPB605: Industry Placement 605
Assessment Progressive Learning Portfolio
Individual/Group Individual
Length Part A – Progressive Learning Portfolio: 2500 Words equivalent
through diagnostic and job securing activities
Part B – Proof of Hours
Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful
completion of the task below include:
a. Engage with industry employability trends and processes to
secure opportunities for industry placement.
b. Apply knowledge, skill and abilities developed at the School to the
work environment.
c. Contribute to the organisational workplace through appropriate
responses to projects and/or tasks as a constructive member of a
d. Critically reflect upon experiences within the specialisation sector.
e. Critically reflect upon and apply key performance competencies
for building a career in an employment environment.
f. Evaluate the operations from a management perspective.
Submission Due Friday the 17th June 2022 11:55pm, Week 10
Weighting Students are required to submit every component of the
Assessment Briefs to obtain a non-graded pass for this industry
placement unit.

Assessment Task
Students will negotiate with their Learning Facilitator how they wish to showcase the development
and competency of at least three (3) employability skills during their placement activity. These three
(3) employability skills will be directly relevant and applicable to your chosen career path. Upon
completion of this assessment, you will have a portfolio that demonstrates your skills and ability to
learn and develop, which you can then show to potential employers in the future.
The second part of this assessment is submission of your Proof of Hours.

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A JISC report looking at the future of assessment notes that ‘Authentic assessment lets the learner
express themselves in ways which feel natural to them and prepares them for what they are going to
do next. Technology offers opportunities to test knowledge and skills in a more realistic and
motivating way than pen and paper tests, which can appear irrelevant outside the academic world.
More authentic assessment also encourages the learner to integrate knowledge and skills, and act
on knowledge. It develops deeper, more integrative personal learning and knowing’ (JISC, 2020:9).
This is one of many reviews on education and assessment that advocate for more personalised
approaches to learning and assessment. At Torrens we are taking these ideas forwards into our
practice through the use of ‘negotiated assessments’ and this unit of study is one of our first pilot
units adopting this assessment methodology. It’ll feel different to other assessments you have done
previously in your life as a student, but it is the way for the future, so embrace the challenge, open
your mind, and make this process work for you because you are the one in the driving seat.
JISC (2020) The Future of Assessment: 5 principles, 5 targets for 2025. JISC: Bristol, UK.
Part A: Progressive Learning Portfolio
Students will negotiate with their Learning Facilitator how they wish to showcase the development
and competency of at least three (3) employability skills during their placement activity. The
employability skills you choose should be directly relevant and applicable to your chosen career.
Some options to choose from include:
1. Learning, self-development and reflection
2. Agility, adaptability and flexibility
3. Emotional resilience
4. Productivity
5. Coaching and mentoring
6. Working well with others
7. Organisational awareness
8. Social and cultural awareness, responsibility and inclusivity
**Please refer to the, “TUA SmartSkills Framework” located on the Assessments section on
Blackboard for further detail about the above skills.
The evidence students choose to showcase can include video demonstrations, a presentation, a
written submission, or other activities of the student’s choice. The showcase should be collated in a
manner that could be shown to future employers demonstrating:
1. How they have applied their course learning to professional development practice.
2. How they have addressed skills development identified in the diagnostic in
Assessment 1 for INPA605– Industry Placement INP605.
3. Evidence of their development and competency in a professional context.
*The length of this assessment is 2500 words, or equivalent. Equivalence can be a presentation,
video, animation etc and roughly 10-12 minutes in length.
Part B: Proof of Hours (Minimum 500 hours)
Students must provide evidence of the total hours worked throughout the entire industry
placement, in a relevant approved position with an approved employer in order to pass this subject.

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The requirement is a minimum 500 hours over a minimum of 24 weeks. Proof of hours needs to be
submitted through Blackboard in Part B folder.
There are two (2) ways of providing this evidence – please choose (1) of the below options:
OPTION 1 – Written Statement from Employer
Must be on company letterhead, showing company name and address
Must show your name, position, and total hours worked
Must show your start date and finish date (hours worked outside of these
dates will not count)
Must be in Word or PDF Format
OPTION 2 – Proof of Hours Template AND Pay Slips
Complete Proof of Hours Template in an excel document showing hours
worked each pay period, with total at the bottom.
Must submit template with all company pay slips as supporting
Please note there is no excuse for not submitting your Proof of Hours. If your company cannot assist
you with a letter proving your hours, you can still submit the Proof of Hours Template and your
pay slips, as described above.
It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more
information on referencing in the
Academic Skills webpage.
Submission Instructions
Please submit Part A – Progressive Learning Portfolio to the Part A submission link in the
Assessments section on Blackboard.
Please submit Part B – Proof Hours to the Part B submission link in the Assessments section on
Academic Integrity
When submitting their assessment task, students will be asked to declare the academic
integrity of their assessment by completing and signing an assignment cover sheet. You can
find the assignment cover sheet here
All students are responsible for ensuring that all work submitted is their own and is appropriately
referenced and academically written according to the
Academic Writing Guide. Students also need
to have read and be aware of Torrens University Australia Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure
and subsequent penalties for academic misconduct. These are
viewable online.
Students also must keep a copy of all submitted material and any assessment drafts.
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Special Consideration
To apply for special consideration for a modification to an assessment or exam due to unexpected or
extenuating circumstances, please consult the
Assessment Policy for Higher Education Coursework
and, if applicable to your circumstance, submit a completed Application for Assessment
Special Consideration Form
to your Learning Facilitator
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Assessment Rubric

Assessment Criteria Fail
Progressive Learning Portfolio
Linkage of placement learning to
the course content – (technical
and theoretical knowledge
acquired on placement linked
back to the program content and
Limited understanding of required concepts and
knowledge developed within the program.
No referencing of academic theories or sources.
Thorough knowledge or understanding of the
field or discipline/s.
Demonstrates a capacity to explain and apply
relevant concepts developed in the program
and link to their placement.
Sources are correctly referenced using APA
Use of diagnostic in identifying
employability skills development
(responsiveness to feedback and
development of learning skills)
Linkage of skills development to diagnostic feedback is
Selects a minimum of three (3) employability
skills for development as a result of the
diagnostic feedback that are applicable and
relevant to chosen career.

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Creation of Showcase content,
highlighting placement learning,
for an appropriate audience and
purpose (broad and specific
Does not demonstrate development of three (3)
employability skills during their placement.
Showcase lacks purpose and a clear audience.
Demonstrates development of a minimum of
three (3) employability skills, linked to their
diagnostic results as a base line, and highlighting
progress and final attainment levels.
Presents their development showcase in a
manner appropriate for their chosen audience
and purpose.
Proof of Hours
Student submits either Option 1
or Option 2 as evidence of their
Proof of Hours
Student does not provide evidence, as outlined in the
Assessment Task, for proof of hours.
Student submits either Option 1 or Option 2 as
evidence of their proof of hours.