Program for CatholicCare

Draft Project Scope for the Development of a Volunteer Program for CatholicCare;

To run the programs at Erin’s Place & Dom’s Place


During our meeting with Ella last week and in previous conversations with Nicky, the project group learned that previous placement student groups had developed detailed, comprehensive evidence-based volunteer programs to be rolled out across both Erin’s Place (a refuge for women survivors of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence and their children) and at Dom’s Place, a Community Hub for people experiencing homelessness. Both these programs cannot be implemented without an active, managed and engaged volunteer membership base established at CatholicCare and further, specifically tailored to these dedicated areas of need.

To establish a successful volunteer program tailored to both these specialised areas of need, a number of steps and tasks are necessary.

These include but are not limited to:

Producing and providing engaging, captivating and informing material to provide to individuals who express interest in these volunteer roles.

Facilitating a forum to disseminate this material as well as provide a safe space to answer any questions & concerns

Coordinating an individual interview process for participants who wish to proceed to the next level of interest. – this will be actioned using CatholicCare’s usual interview process for volunteers

Designing and facilitating a psycho-educational process whereby participants are provided with further specific required info such as Catholic Care philosophy, mission & values & a simplistic & basic overview in plain English (as opposed to academic discourse) of various theoretical underpinnings informing service & care. – this will be provided through CatholicCare’s LMS system once vetted

Arranging a short list & coordinating a final vetting process for Ella Jakeman & other senior staff to make final decisions.

Planning the support, mentoring & supervision processes for volunteers.

Designing the volunteer orientation process to their service & roles.

Designing the evaluation and feedback process for Volunteers – a feedback and evaluation form already exists

Establishing a process for managing issues that arise and any escalating risks identified – a process already in place.

Planning a process whereby CatholicCare demonstrate their gratitude & value to volunteers – great idea.

Design evaluation processes for the program via qualitative research methodology including all stakeholder groups; the volunteers, the clients & staff – be good to hear more about what you think here

Essentially we would like the development of the following:

a) Webinar/PowerPoint presentation which is captivating and engaging for Dom’s Place to provide information about what Dom’s Place is, and what to expect when volunteering in this space, as well as what qualities we seek in a volunteer at Dom’s Place. Q&A session at the end of presentation.

b) Webinar/PowerPoint presentation which is captivating and engaging for Erin’s Place to provide information about what Erin’s Place is and what to expect when volunteering in this space, as well as what qualities we seek in a volunteer at Erin’s Place. Q&A session at end of presentation.

Give some recommendations of ways we can show gratitude/acknowledge volunteers who are with CatholicCare.