Program and Portfolio Management

Program and Portfolio Management
Assessment 2: Report (Value 25%)
Benefits Realisation Table
Learning Outcomes addressed:
2. Create a benefits management plan for an authentic project or program, utilizing benefits
management theory
Application of program management processes via a case study – Benefits Management Plan for
the WA Schools Public Private Partnership Project which in this instance will be treated as a
The following resources are needed in order to complete this assessment, these are available via
the internet:
Western Australian Auditor General (OAG). 2018. WA Schools Public Private Partnership
. Perth, West Australia: OAG.
The following may also be of interest to help you with background to the project:

Complete the Benefits Realisation Table:
Only use the benefits realisation template provided for this assignment. The template is
shown on the next page. Note: A Word version of the template is provided on Blackboard
under Assessment 2.
Reminder: Benefits are achieved post project (refer to the module notes)
Treat the WA Schools Public Private Partnership as a Program rather than a Project.
Assume that the WA Schools Public Private Partnership Project is 75% complete when
writing your benefits table
Identify THREE projects to be entered into the Benefits Realisation Table
For EACH project identify THREE benefits and complete each of the associated fields in
the template.
Make any necessary but reasonable assumptions and include above the Benefits
Realisation Table
Clearly articulate the Problem being solved or the Opportunity being explored for this
The assignment must be typed in A4 format and use the template provided in single space typing.
All papers should be numbered. All assignments should be thoroughly checked for typing, spelling
and grammatical errors before being submitted.
Word length – approximately 500-700 words
Points to note:
Submit your assessment via the Turnitin link under the Assessments tab in Blackboard
(not through email or in person) by the due date.
Late submissions will be penalised as per the Curtin Late Assessment Policy in the Unit
All assessments should be referenced correctly (see unit outline for more details) and
in accordance Curtin University policy.
All source material MUST be acknowledged and any form of plagiarism will result in the
appropriate measures being taken. Do not copy other student’s work or assist by
showing your work to others.


Benefits to be Achieved KPI for the Benefit KPI – Source for
Person for
assessing the
Risks that could
prevent the Benefit
from being realised
(2 to 3 risks per benefit)
Strategic Objectives
Supported by this
Project 1 (30 Marks)
Project Name:

Program Title: (No marks):
Assumptions: (5 marks)
  
Problem or Opportunity Statement: (5 marks)

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Project 2 (30 Marks)
Project Name:
Project 2 (30 Marks)
Project Name: