Professional Teaching Standards

Australian Professional Teaching Standards

Use the “Graduate” level – or move onto proficient if you think there’s any that you meet. 

include each of the 7 standards 

Use the name and number of the standard as part of a heading 

Have a separate page for each standard.  

You do not need to refer to each focus area of each standard separately – however, if your evidence covers several focus areas, describe how. 

Choose an artefact for each standard that best shows evidence of you meeting that standard 

2. For each standard-

Title (including the number and standard name) 

Describe your intellectual understanding of this standard (like a summary) 

Describe your beliefs about this standard.  “I believe..” “It is important to…” “I make sure to…”. (This might be included in the paragraph above) 


I am including the Australian standard pdf for reference.