procurement and supply chain management

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1. What role do standards play in procurement and supply chain
management? Provide at least two (2) examples referring to GTINs, GLNs
and other applicable standards discussed throughout the semester.
2. Outline how you would apply a value chain analysis to a small record label
company that produces and distributes music for bands and individual
artists both offline and online. What would be the primary activities and
support activities and how can the company build value for itself and its
3. Chris Miller of Shell Chemical (Case Study 6.1 from Chaffey, 2007) has
been quoted as saying:
‘E-procurement is not about screwing suppliers. It’s about taking cost out
for both suppliers and buyers and reducing institutionalised inefficiencies.
Plus it supports smaller buyers and suppliers just as much as larger ones.
It’s not a big boys’ club.’
Discuss this statement through reviewing the benefits and disadvantages
of e- procurement to both buyers and suppliers.
4. You have recently been appointed as supply chain manager for an
Australian fashion label. Summarise the main technologies,
methodologies, or strategies you would consider for communicating and
trading with your global suppliers and why.