process information of your research project

B) Presentation Video (20%)
Your Presentation Video is to promote the highlights of your research. You need to gather and process information of your research project, and designs the storyboard for your video and submit a 3-5 minutes video.
• Before submitting your assessment, please check it against this marking rubric. • Be creative to communicate your key points/messages • Make your own choice of software and presentation strategies. • You need to ‘Present to camera’ means being in the actual video production and you need to present directly to the camera. • A 3-minute video presentation (no more than 5-minutes) • All presentation videos are to be submitted to the Moodle submission portal. • Use Chrome or Firefox as your browser when working in Moodle to avoid technical issues • 200MB size limit
The Presentation Video should include the following (is not limited):
1. Summation of the organisation with identification of the key issues 2. Application of key concepts on change management to analyse the case 3. Recommendations in light of the findings of your research and analysis
Other useful resources/websites: 1. Video on critical and analytical thinking 2. Understanding TURNITIN (Resources to help you interpret Turnitin and similarity overview) • • ONNc 3. What is an academic article or scholarly article? 4. Using the search engine of the UOW library web page will produce all academic/scholarly articles!