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DOCUMENT STYLE GUIDE General Information All documents produced at Global Star Enterprises (GSE) must follow a standard business format as per the attached examples. In the Style Guides and Templates section of the GSE Policies and Procedures you will find templates for: • Business Letters • Emails • Facsimiles (Faxes) • Memos • Report Writing • Telephone Messages. To use one of these documents you will need to download the template and save it to your computer. General Information • Logo: The company logo appears at the top of the page within the document header. • Paper: White A4 paper is used. • Font: Arial • Font size 11 for general text and size 18 for major headings. Minor headings are in Arial size 11. • When formulating your written communications always consider the wording as it should suit the document purpose, audience and presentation and be relevant to the business environment. Spelling and Grammar • Always use the Spell Check function on your computer • Always proofreading your work for spelling and grammar. Proofreading is more than relying on the grammar checker. It is also about ensuring the correct word, punctuation, presentation and capitalisation of letters are used. Spelling and grammar mistakes in a business letter are not acceptable. Dates • When written in full, dates should be formatted as  26 June 2009 • When writing in numerals, the convention in Australia is  dd/mm/yyyy  26/06/2009. Numbers • Fewer than 10 are written out in full e.g. I visited eight countries on my holiday. • Numbers from 10 and above are written as numerals e.g. My holidays lasted for 28 days. • Measurement: In general, use numbers when accompanied by a symbol – 3 km, 10 L. Business Letters Letters produced at GSE must follow the general business guidelines: • All business letters are to be formatted to full block i.e. all text is aligned to the left hand margin. • When sub headings are used with bullet lists, or numbered lists, the text is aligned with the left edge of the number or bullet. • Open punctuation – the only part of the letter with punctuation marks is the body i.e. there are no punctuation marks in the:  address  date  salutation (Dear John)  complimentary close (Yours sincerely). • See the example of a business letter on the following page of this Document Style Guide. • Always use Print Preview to check how your letter will look. • Adjust the text by adding more or less line spacing so the letter is evenly spaced over the page (eg. Not sitting at the top half of the page). The balancing of the letter is through the signature area and the Cc: or Enc: section – refer to the following example. • Check for consistency in line spacing – for example ensure they are all single line with the same point settings above and below the line. The main points to check are spelling, grammar and presentation. Spelling and grammar mistakes in a business letter are not acceptable. See formatting and examples below. Formatting for Business Letters Date Leave 5 or 6 clear lines (Press ‘Enter’ 6 or 7 times) Recipient’s name e.g. Mr John Black Title e.g. Sales Manager Company name (if applicable) Street or PO Box TOWN STATE POSTCODE (Leave 2 spaces between the Town, State and Postcode) Leave 3 clear lines (Press ‘Enter’ 4 times) Dear (always use the correct name and title eg Mr Smith – avoid using Sir or Madam where possible. You can also use the first name if the person is well known to you ) Leave 1 clear line (Press ‘Enter’ 2 times) Subject (in bold – can be in capitals) No Underlines Leave 1 clear line (Press ‘Enter’ 2 times) The body of the letter should be full blocked e.g. everything aligned to the left hand margin. The punctuation should be open i.e. only the body of the letter should have punctuation marks. Leave 1 clear line between paragraphs (Press ‘Enter’ 2 times) Always check ‘Print Preview’ before you finish the letter. You may have to adjust the spacing at the top and/or bottom of the letter to make the text more balanced on the page. Leave 1 clear line (Press ‘Enter’ 2 times) Yours sincerely (use Yours faithfully if you have started with Dear Sir or Dear Madam) Leave at least 5 or 6 clear lines (Press ‘Enter’ 6 or 7 times) Name of person who is going to sign letter The person’s title Leave appropriate number of lines to balance the letter Enc: Name of any documentation being enclosed with letter Cc: Names of anyone else who will receive a copy of this letter – these are written alongside each other with a comma separating names. Example of Business Letter Formatting 10 September 20XX Mr Fred Blogs Development Manager Australian Manufacturing Association PO Box 12345 MELBOURNE VIC 3001 Dear Mr Blogs Conference sponsorship Thank you for your sponsorship for this year’s conference held Monday 26 July 20xx. We have received very positive feedback from all participants and have enclosed a copy of our Conference Evaluation Report for your information. We look forward to working with you again next year. Yours sincerely Pauline Chee Promotions Manager Enc: Conference Evaluation Report Cc: Conference Project Manager Example of Memo Memo To: Evie Koulbanis CC: Karen Faulkner From: Ben Russell Date: 25 December 2017 Subject: Workplace health and safety – power cords The cords from the Administration Assistant’s computer need to be covered as at the moment they are in a busy traffic area for the support staff and could cause someone to trip over them. I recommend that this matter be attended to before the close of business today. Ben Russell CEO Example of Email EMAIL  [email protected] To: Al Perez; Sarah Jackson CC: Ben Russell BCC: From: Karen Coster Date: 25 December 2017 Subject: Factory Staff Hi Sarah and Al I would like to get together with you both to discuss the changes to the payroll for the new financial year. Can we get together in the meeting room on Thursday afternoon at about 3.00 pm? Kind regards Karen Coster GM Finance & Admin Example of Facsimile Facsimile To: Ron Golding Company: Channel 10 TV Fax Number: 07 1234 5678 From: Pauline Chee CC: Phil Ayoub Date: 25 December 2017 No of copies: (including cover sheet) 1 Subject: Order number for TV promotion Hi Ron As discussed, the order number for the advertising special is BS3456Z. Many thanks Pauline Chee Promotions Manager

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