procedural and object-oriented programming

Tasks: 1. Write 150 words answers to the conceptual understanding of procedural and object-oriented programming and compare them. (10 Marks)
2. Write program (code) for the following scenario: (10 Marks)
Create a class named FormLetterWriter that includes two overloaded methods named displaySalutation(). The first method takes one String parameter that represents a customer’s last name, and it displays the salutation Dear Mr. or Ms. followed by the last name. The second method accepts two String parameters that represent a first and last name, and it displays the greeting Dear followed by the first name, a space, and the last name. After each salutation, display the rest of a short business letter: Thank you for your recent order. Write a main () method that tests each overloaded method. Save the file as and submit via Moodie.
3. Write program (code) for the following scenario: (10 Marks)
From 1925 through 1963, Burma Shave advertising signs appeared next to highways all across the United States. There were always four or five signs in a row containing pieces of a rhyme, followed by a final sign that read “Burma Shave.” For example, one set of signs that has been preserved by the Smithsonian Institution reads as follows: Shaving brushes You’ll soon see ’em On a shelf In some museum Burma Shave Find a classic Burma Shave rhyme on the Web. Write, compile, and test a class that produces a series of four dialog boxes so that each display one line of a Burma Shave slogan in turn. Save the class as and submit via Moodie.
4. Debugging Task: (10 marks) Get the downloadable Assignment 2 folder which has syntax and/or logic errors. In each case, determine the problem and fix the errors. After you correct the errors, save each file using the same filename preceded with Fix. For example, will become a. b. c. d.
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