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Model Student TMAs* Communication Programme COM259e Creative Advertising and Copywriting (July 2011 Semester) TMA01 TMA QUESTION This TMA is an e-Portfolio . During the first seminar for this course, you will be taught how to set up a blog, which is the basis of this TMA. Groups of 5 students share one blog. Over a four-week period, starting from the first week of the course, each student has to obtain one print or broadcast advertisement to be placed in your shared blog each week. Advertisements must be from the following four industries only:- • Week 1: Fashion apparels • Week 2: Cars • Week 3: Mobile phones • Week 4: Candies, chocolates and pastries Each week, you are required to comment on the chosen ad in your blogs, with no more than 250 words per blog entry. For each week’s blog assignment, please analyze the advertisement you have chosen carefully and cover the following areas listed below in your blog: • What do you think is the objective(s) of the advertisement? • Who do you think the advertisement is primarily targeting at? TMA script submitted by student Model Student [email protected] MyUniSIM: COM307e (Jul 2010 Semester) TMA01 2 • Identify the creative idea used for the advertisement. Evaluate and critique whether you think it is effective. • Provide 2 suggestions for improvements. TMA script submitted by student Model Student [email protected] MyUniSIM: COM307e (Jul 2010 Semester) TMA01 3 In general, there are three main categories of advertising objectives a business might set itself in terms of whether it seeks to inform, persuade or remind the target audience. In this case, the primary objective is to inform the public on the new series of Bossini apparels, and also used to persuade the audience (readers) to take some action with respect to the product. In marketing and advertising, a target audience, is a specific group of people within the target market at which the marketing message is aimed. In this advertisement, the primary target audience will be young guys. Reasons being a young, well-known and good-looking guy are being used; this is to persuade the audiences into believing that you will be as good looking as the guy if you purchase Bossini apparels. Advertising techniques and ideas can influence behavior across the spectrum of persuasive communications. The tools are used to attract attention, engage minds, trigger emotions, and change what people think. All of which can lead to sales. In this advertisement, the beautiful colours used attracts the attention of the target audiences, also by using a well-known guy in the advertisement attracts viewers attention, and will in turn lead to sales. TMA script submitted by student Model Student [email protected] MyUniSIM: COM307e (Jul 2010 Semester) TMA01 4 A suggestion for the advertisement will be to use “strong call-to-action”. The advertisement should convey a call-to-action along with the benefits of the product. A call-to-action encourages viewers to purchase the product. Some call-to-action phrases are Buy, Sell, Order, and Get a Quote. Another possible suggestion will be to get an equally famous female personnel to be involved in the advertisement as well, this in turn will attract more female customers and thus increase the overall sales result. The advertisement objectives aim to get people to think or feel or do something, or perhaps, a combination of the three. The Kia Sorento advertisement aim to persuade consumers to not only think, feel but also take action after that. From the slogans “Style or Substance”, ”Love or Lust”, “Beauty or Brains”, they want people to feel and set their minds thinking. What is it that they (consumers/readers) really want? The advertisement will also make the consumers want to read on, as they will be intrigued to know what is in store for them and perhaps give them an answer to what they really want. Lastly, they ended the advertising slogans with a “MPV or SUV”, pulling the consumers back to reality TMA script submitted by student Model Student [email protected] MyUniSIM: COM307e (Jul 2010 Semester) TMA01 5 and want them to do something, that is to make a choice. Ultimately, their main objectives would be to enter the showroom and have a test-drive. The advertisement is primarily targeting at consumers who would like to own a bigger and yet more stylish and sophisticated vehicle, probably for drivers with big families. The vehicle will be able to provide more comfort for them. The creative idea used in the advertisement would be the few questions that trigger the consumers’ interests. By making consumers think, they have successfully captured the consumers’ heart by making them spend a little more time in knowing their product. Looking at the interesting manner the advertisement is presented, consumers are more willing to take time off to go through it. An advertisement that can interest consumers to read would have had the battle half won. The advertisement also included much information for the consumers, and this is rather effective in attracting consumers who do not like to make enquiry calls. Two suggestions for improvement would be to present pictures of the car’s interior, portraying the stylish and yet practical views of the car. Making use of pictures featuring a big family would also be useful. TMA script submitted by student Model Student [email protected] MyUniSIM: COM307e (Jul 2010 Semester) TMA01 6 As advertisers use a variety of advertising techniques and strategies to get consumers to know their products, they too ultimately want to increase the products’ sales volume. Hence, as observed, the objectives of this advertisement would be to inform consumers on the launch of the new Nokia mobile products, introduce the functions and plus points of the mobile phone and ultimately to persuade consumers to purchase their cool new gadget. Mobile Phone Advertisement This advertisement is primarily targeting at consumers who love music, need music and wants the best gadget to match their kind of music. Looking at the slogan “How much free music can you handle?”, also focus their advertising target at young users who may not be able to afford the luxury of purchasing music. Those who love music and want it free will be persuaded to purchase the phone. TMA script submitted by student Model Student [email protected] MyUniSIM: COM307e (Jul 2010 Semester) TMA01 7 However, although music lovers’ decisions may be swayed looking at the huge memory space, free music downloads and free headphones given, the advertisement may not be the most appealing among others. Hence, it may not be really effective. It is good that Nokia has made used of the word “free” and loud color beneath it to capture the attention of the consumers, but the man used in the advertisement could not bring out the slogan “How much free music can you handle?” This advertisement may not work for the “visual” consumers. Two suggestions would be to portray pictures of music lovers (maybe relaxing in the midst of music) or use a picture of a couple expressing their love for one another using music. This way, it makes the meaning of music come more alive, and music lovers would be able to relate more if they were to purchase the gadget. Chocolate Advertisement The primary objectives aim to convince consumers to change their usage patterns, and switch their lifestyles. For example, consumers may use to eat chocolates like Van Houten diary milk chocolates, M&Ms, smarties and others, but the advertisement aims to convince and persuade consumers to now have another choice, the “Nestle Gold Noir Intense”. The advertisement is primarily targeting at chocolate lovers who are willing to spend more money on enjoying the goodness of a real dark chocolate. It may also be targeting at consumers who will are particular about the presentation of food. TMA script submitted by student Model Student [email protected] MyUniSIM: COM307e (Jul 2010 Semester) TMA01 8 This fine chocolate may prove to be more expensive than bar
s of chocolate of the same weight and size, but looking at the unique curve and thickness of the chocolate mix, it definitely looks very appealing to taste. The description at the side also aims to introduce and convince consumers of their differences from other chocolates, and the reasons why consumers should take the chance to try something new, and distinctive. By placing words beside picture, consumers are able to relate more to the advertising objective, to make consumers feel, think and do something about it. The classy appearance of the bar also makes it more appealing to taste. And this advertisement would be especially successful in capturing the attention of chocolate lovers who are willing to spend and take pride in the presentation of superior goods. Two suggestions: One would be to dim the picture more and place the focus on the thickness of the chocolate mixture. Another suggestion would be to cut up the long description into smaller parts or break them down using slogans. Some consumers may not be interested in reading lengthy details with small fonts.

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