present in the Desktop directory

Given the way we have already created the directories and files (as I wrote them on board in the past two classes), create the following configurations. Consider you are logged in as JohnSmith (in each of your case it would be the user with your primary names.).
a. The file learn 0.c must be readable for “backup” but not for “data
b. The file learn 0 must be executable for “data” but not for “backup”
c. The file learn,0.txt must be only readable for “backup” but “data” can edit it
d. Make a similar directoryfand file) structure that is present in the Desktop directory for the user “Data” also. But make sure the names of the files and directories should have data, as prefix. For example a directory will have a name like data test 0 and a file to be data Jearn 0.txt.
e. Make the c program with Data only readable to Johnsmith but backup must be able to edit it too.
f. Make the executable program with Data also executable for Johnsmith but only readable for backup.
g. Create two directories with names Johnsmith and data under documents folder of backup which has two text files called johnsmith, history.tixt and data history.txt.
Do all the above activities by staying in the Desktop directory of johnsmith, and not changing the directory. Do not do use su or sudo unnecessarily Otherwise you will loose points for it.