Preferably any IT Security company

Referencing Styles : APA All your report should be written on the COMPANY you CHOOSE. NOT in general. Choose 1 company of your choice with in Australia. Preferably any IT Security company or any company where one of the following aspects can be discussed. Choose 1 project out of the following for writing your report. Allowing employees to bring their own devices (laptops, tablets and mobile phones for example) into the workplace to be used as their main or sole devices in achieving their work tasks. • Migrating business-critical applications and their associated data sources to an External Cloud hosting solution. • Outsourcing key IT functionality such as the network, desktop management or Application development to a third party. • Upgrading or introducing a major technology such as mobile platforms and Applications, migrating to an improved networking technology (such as IPv6), Creating a corporate-wide email archive for compliance purposes, or upgrading Applications and desktop operating systems. Student is expected to submit a report in word document in the following format: 1. Cover page 2. Table of contents 3. Executive Summary (15%)– Outline about the company you choose and in terms of IT Security and explain ONE of the project you choose for writing the report. 4. With respect to Financial Service sector (15%) -interface between business stakeholders and technologists, translating potential technical difficulties into risk language to facilitate Effective decision-making by stakeholders and also include any relevant government or Industry regulation or compliance, and any established best practices 5. Security Posture (20%) – impact on current security posture in terms of changes to the posture (recommendations) and the required mitigation actions to remain at an acceptable posture 6. Threats, vulnerabilities and consequences assessment (30%) –A risk assessment based on threats, vulnerabilities and consequences derived from an IT control framework and any existing industry risk recommendations for the project 7. Data Security (20%) – demonstrate the data flows associated with the project have been identified, assessed against policies and any risks mitigated. Specially address risks for Data Security from the viewpoint in the project of what data will be used, who will have access to the data and where will the data flow. 8. Conclude with your justification for the company you choose 9. References Save and Submit your assignment in the following format: Studentid_studentname_assessment 1.doc. Example: 1234567_your name_assessment number.doc The final document has to be submitted via Turnitin on or before the due date. i.e.,02-oct-2017

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