practice the Capital Budgeting Process

The assignment is designed for students to practice the Capital Budgeting Process in project management by studying real case study. The nominated case study is from International Review of Business and Economics, Volume 4, Special Issue No.1, July 2020, pp 338-342, ISSN: 2474-5146 (Online) 2474-5138 (Print), EFFECTIVE CAPITAL BUDGETING DECISIONS BY FIRMS by MANJUNATH M.S. and PRAVEEN B. Guidelines for writing Critical Review & Evaluation: 1) Read the nominated case study. 2) Provide background of the case study. 3) Describe Capital Budgeting Process used in the case study. 4) What other factors were considered besides Capital financing and allocation functions during Capital Budgeting Process? Was there any managerial considerations and complications? 5) Provide critical review and evaluation. Evaluate and make recommendations in relation to the capital invested in this case study. The Report should include: • Introduction • Body of report (background of the case study, cost structure, factors affecting decision beside the cost, critical evaluation) • Concluding section (findings, recommendations)