PowerPoint slides) You are expected to critically

BUS5SMM GROUP ASSIGNMENT BUS5SMM – Group Assignment General requirements Worth 20% of assessment grade, including o 10% for the group written report o 10% for the group presentation (link to video presentation + PowerPoint slides) You are expected to critically analyse an academic article related to (management and marketing related) Sustainability using 15-20 authoritative references. A good place to find an article is from La Trobe library website or using Google Scholar – search for “sustainable management and marketing” and look at results from 2014 to 2017. Academic article must be from a journal listed on either the ABDC list or the Social Sciences Citation Index, and published from 2014 to 2017. See lists of eligible journals in either one of these two links: ABDC list 2016: http://www.abdc.edu.au/master-journal-list.php or Thomson Reuters’s Social Sciences Citation Index: http://ip-science.thomsonreuters.com/cgi-bin/jrnlst/jlresults.cgi?PC=SS Example of article you could choose to analyse (you aren’t allowed to do this particular article) Mycoskie, B 2016, ‘HOW I DID IT… THE FOUNDER OF TOMS ON REIMAGINING THE COMPANY’S MISSION’, Harvard Business Review, 94, 1, pp. 41-44, Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 25 January 2016. Requirements o Report format with titles, section headings and sub-headings o Word limit: 1,500 words Due date: Group list and the article – Seminar 2: Submit printed list of group member names (include email addresses) and a copy of the chosen article to lecturer. After this time period group members cannot be changed (unless approved by the seminar facilitator). Group report and group presentation: Week 6 – Sunday 3rd September by 11.55pm via LMS Presentation – Recorded video – Record your presentation and share your presentation on www.dropbox.com or upload to www.youtube.com or any similar site. – PPT slides – Links will open on LMS to upload your PPT slides – First slide required to provide link to the video, names and IDs of all group members – All members of your group must present – Length of group presentation: maximum 20 minutesBUS5SMM – Group Assignment Getting started – Introduction about the role of sustainability in Marketing and Management (relate it to the journal article to explain the aim of the essay and use a few references) – Identify at least 5 key points from the journal article – Discuss each key point in order by using good sources of reference (journal, books, other articles etc.) – Critically assess the points as made in the journal article. Whenever you give your opinion, support them using references – Conclusion: The future? Improvement? Did the journal article hit the target, could it have been improved, what more could have been said, etc… Marking criteria: See subject learning guide for detailed marking rubrics.

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