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VV11.11 your yr vup, you vein LACcILC d ruvvCrruuIIL. The PowerPoint should include the following:
1. Title page – name of the skill, course, date, and names of the group participants 2. Definition of the assigned Employability Skill 1=>_3. How does the Employability Skill fit into your career choice: This point is addressed using three different claims: a) Factual Claim – 3 facts about your skill b) Value/Belief Claim – 3 reasons why this skill is important, specifically address why this skill is important to society and work c) Policy Claim – 3 action steps that you need to take in order to enhance or develop this skill 4. Interview someone working in your chosen career and ask them: • how they mastered this skill • how they use this particular skill in their position/field • how this skill has benefitted them (or their company) You can include a short clip (audio or visual) of the interview and embed it in your PowerPoint presentation. f=>, 5. Each participant must include a slide referencing their own plan to develop the skill or share how they have already developed the skill. 6. Last slide must include an APA Reference Slide – where did you find your research?
Each group will have 2 classes to work together on the PowerPoint. Ten Employability Skills PowerPoint Presentation
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