Power of Presence

READ AND FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS. DO NOT PUT YOUR ANSWER IN THE ADD COMMENTS BOX. Answer two of the three questions. Start each answer in a new document. Please put your name and the question number in the header of the document. Each answer should be a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 typed pages, double-spaced, 12 size font in black ink. Save the file as an MS Word or .doc file. In the appropriate drop box find ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION. Click on WRITE SUBMISSION and cut and paste your answer or click on BROWSE MY COMPUTER and attach the file. Failure to follow directions or late submissions will result in point deductions.
20 points each Read CASE APPLICATION The Power of Presence on pages 133 and 134 of your text. Analyze the case by answering the discussion question
4-18 tableau staffs it international offices primarily with host country nationals. what are the advantages and disadvantages of this staffing strategy/
4-19 Do you agree with Chabot that company will benefit if more executives spend time in international offices? why or why not?
4-20 As tableau executives get ready to spend time in the company’s international offices, how can they prepare for the cultural differences they will encounter?
4-21 what are some of the challenges Tableau will face as it hires 1000 new employees in one year?
2. State three ways the workplace is becoming more diverse. Why is this happening?
Give a specific, concrete example of how manages needs to manage differently or how organizations need to change for each of the three ways from part one.
3. Read the CASE APPLICATION A Better Tomorrow on pages 199 and 200 in
your textbook. Analyze the case by answering the questions that follow the case.
6-14. How can TOMS balance being socially responsible and being focused on profits?
6-15. Would you describe TOMS approach as social obligation, social responsiveness, or social responsibility? Explain.
6-16. Its time to think like a manager. TOMS one-for-one approach is a wonderful idea, but what would be involved with making it work?
6-17. Do you think consumers are drawn to products with a charitable connection? Why or why not?