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The need of an individual is to work on enhanced skills and traits with the exponential growth and development. The study is about focusing on evaluating the learning and planning on the proper experience at work in Tesco. I have been able to witness about the continuous development of skills with the knowledge to work in Tesco, where study properly highlights on the specific standards and leadership skills which are important for working too. The approach is based on summative factors which needs to be handled and then this also comprise of 360 degree of performance appraisal review factors as well. The framework is to determine the understanding about how my performance is able to meet the expectations effectively.

Experience for the retail marketing field

I have been working in marketing standards with almost half of decade with being promoted as a senior for the manager of retail in Tesco. I started working here with the hope of improvement on the growth opportunities and accomplishing to the goals of career too. Not only this, my career goal was also to work as a marketing manager with leading the team of marketing. Tesco has been leader for UK retail with holding approximately 25% of the entire retail share in market. Tesco is considered to be holding a complete success for dedication of employee and their hard work or commitment. The focus is on the providing of proper growth and opportunities with employees working on continued growth and development (Scott et al., 2019). With the start of my career journey at Tesco, I was also able to properly understand the learning and attaining skills which are important along with traits and knowledge performance. I have also been able to understand the important factors for enhanced performance. I have participated in different training standards and programmes of development which are important by Tesco. The training programs are important with focusing on skills and weakness that are needed for upcoming times and future. The company is not only able to allow the employees for attaining skills but also the job roles with allowing them to attain a proper leadership and skills of creativity. The training is based on the development programs with the weakness determination and also the skills. The creativity is mapped through attaining leadership standards as well (Zaman et al., 2019).

With the culture of continuous professional development, there are effective and valuable approaches for me where I also witnessed on the growth of career, exponentially. In the 5 years, I worked on serving as a marketing associate for one and half year. After that I was also promoted and then I operated as one of the team leaders for different projects of marketing and its relevant strategies. I operated to be as a marketing team leader for 1 and a half year. The experiments are for summing up to 3 years with ability to attain the skills and knowledge. My skills which are there got eventually polished and I was being more confident too. I was able to witness the continuous improvement in performance too. I was able to approach and stage through changes in 3 years’ time. As per the view, there are business organization acknowledging to the performance and employee commitment. I worked harder and also focused on better performance based on commitment of employees. I then worked harder to ensure a fruitful result, at the time of working at Tesco. After the 3 years of service, I was then able to get a promotion to the marketing manager. With this, I also was able to receive new and better responsibilities. I knew that there is a job role which would lead to unleashing the limits. As a manager, I knew about the representation for not only myself but also the department and team too. The manager needs to work on understanding the presentation with not only the entire department and team. The senior marketing manager has been able to help me and guide me to improve the skills of leadership (D’Auria et al., 2020).

As per my analysis, the manager behaves as a leader and the skills are for the responsibility to hold the members together with accomplishment to different objectives as well. For the last 2 years, it is seen that I have been performing on the retail standards with marketing manager at Tesco with most valuable outcome and challenging experiences in the life. During my 5-year journey at Tesco, I also witnessed that the employees were growing and developing with understanding organizational structure, policies and the culture. It plays a major role on development and improvement of environment at work (Rowe, 2020). There are leaders who are involved in focusing on analysing the needs and expectations of members and employees. I tend to focus on fulfilling the needs and expectations along with addressing problems too. This is for the certain leadership skills and traits which are for ranking the skills effectively. The approach is based on the experiences at work with the skills for 2 years, with performance at retail marketing manager at Tesco. It is important and challenging experience for my life. During my life, I have been witnessing on how the employees work with the exponential growth and development. I understood the organizational structure, policies and culture which plays a major role on the performance of employee. I also focus on improved working environment and guiding them as much as possible. I focus on analysing to needs along with team member expectations for them. I focus on the fulfilment of the expectations to address the working experience and develop certain leadership skills traits. I would be ranking the leadership based on skills and traits too (Raziq et al., 2018).

Creative and Ethical Leadership attributes that are for Tesco

In my 5 year time of working, I have been able to attain the enhanced skills which involves the room of development. I also believe that I need experience for developing a better and creative skill or attribute. It is important to understand the skills which stand at and then I would also need to rank the creative skills of leadership too. There are certain factors of skills which I have been able to obtain through working in Tesco:

Problem Solving: This is about the rating of problems skills of 7. The good leaders are generally able to solve job problems. The successful resolution of problems also need a calmness and a step by step approach. The solution of problems are determined through understanding the rapid making of decisions, and overcoming any barriers together with teams along with other external tams. It is for ensuring the problem solution and this need a calmness with the step by step approach. The solution requires a proper assistance of leaders in making decisions, and overcoming hindrances with groups and external teams. It is for confirming the tasks are finishing on time. There are things which do not always operate effectively, and the leaders, staff and strategies or intentions need to focus on ability to roll the punch with the staying of objective an positive key for a smart course.

Creativity: On the scale of 1 to 10, I would feel that my creativity is 8. The leadership would look on fixing on challenges. I have been working and understanding inventiveness, imagination, vision, progress, originality, and resource which are considered to be synonyms for creativity.

Decision making: On the scale of 1 to 10, I would like to rate my skill to be 7 as I am involved with advanced decision making. It involves range of options for better quality and awareness. The method use competencies, principles, plan and coordination or problem resolution too. The Leaders are Clear Thinkers Section with the tomorrow leadership focusing on demands with uncertain world involves in making successful decisions. The effectiveness is about the way one desires and the interest of community is also considered.

Building Relationship: I would like to rate it as 8 where my demand of management is a stronger and collaborative people planning for community development and working on same goal with sustained approaches. The strong communication and resolution of conflicts are needed with focusing on qualifications of leadership too. This is important for building a team. It can lead to facilitating of roles of coordination, their obligations or other priorities as well.

Flexibility: I will be focusing on the skill of 7. The leaders are generally seen to be willing on changed plans with the transformation of chaos and then preserving efficiency. The leaders are able to understand shift in skills and willingness to collaborate on a wider individual variety function. The leaders need to work on learning and treating insecurity or uncertainty for new standards. The versatile requires a proper improvement with tricking down to modify any of the activities as well. This is about giving tips on how to respond on varied work environment in a completely unpredicted manner.

Empathy: I would like to get skill at 8 where developing and maintaining of positive relationship comes with peers and subordinates. There are no other skills with leadership competence that has a effect on leadership areas, with other people needs. The consciousness is for emotions and thoughts, where the ability is to understand them and then focus on the emotional ability too. It is hard to learn and then retain with the major impact on leadership as well.

Communication: The communication skill is of 7 with the need to understand leadership standards and skills that are for meeting to the needs and then also ensuring to understand the mutual and goals of individual too. The expectations are about finding assistance as one needs them. The approach is about understanding bidirectional path and being involved as an attentive listener too.

Motivation: I have skills of motivation as 6 with the major difference on the engagement and the leadership standards. It is important for inspiring the people. The good leadership is about doing everything with appreciating on the development of ability and then seeing on the success as well. It is about rising individually.

Positivity: The scale is 7 with the office taking a long way. It is about leading and maintaining satisfaction or the wellbeing standards at the time of stress. The workers are majorly in a good atmosphere with working on the willingness to spend more and in an effective manner.

Responsibility: The scale of this skill is 8 with leaders involved with accomplishments and the shortcomings too. There are factors to look on how they are pointing and blaming others for the problems. The accepting of errors and other shortcomings too for improvement.

Analysis of Formative and Summative Assessment

Being involved as the direction of a leader, I have changed priorities with not knowing about different challenges and questions that teams carry. The leaders I know are efficient with wants and approaches on improved leadership predictivity. The speaking of a full view of leadership comes with the management and how there are no more productive methods or strategies. There are more people on board than the other members, with doing same thing as the different situations. I have rated productivity as good with formative assessment and the expectation is also to improve it. There are different people looking on qualifying for different things and how their viewpoint of customers are changed based on supplier view (Obradovic et al., 2018). The perceived quality is able to meet the individual needs with the management taking major measures on quality process which is enforced and preserved too. The contribution is for effective implementation and the ability to completely sustain it too. I have rated it as very good too.

Being the marketing manager, I need to work on the important skills on my shoulder with right performing duties or job roles. My skills are for improvement and the stating about the possessions which are needed under current job roles. I have also rated by job to be of excellence in formative assessment with the most crucial standards. I have been able to enhance on skills of communication with improved room of development. I tend to communicate on team members and the subordinates for understanding the perception. I have to motivate and also encourage employees with the improvement in terms of communication and being competent too.

The interpersonal skills are for determining how the leaders and managers are working on retail marketing, with communication to clients, customers and stakeholders. It is about understanding products and demands. The skills are not only for communicating but also for effective building or maintaining relationship with team members. The managers tend to assess to stronger interpersonal skills which is on a scale of 1 to 5 at 4.3 with the team working ability. The reason to value is about the majority of workplace business and instant apps of messaging, verbal and skills of diplomacy to understand and cooperate on effective communication and allowing to motivate or encourage employees. I have rated on interpersonal skills being competent with expectations (Lee, 2021).

The teamwork is important for the workplace leaders to ensure about the common goals in an effective manner. This is about the accomplishment of goals and then working, I have worked on improved teamwork ability with more flexibility and adaptability. I have worked on avoiding conflicts and understanding ways to solve problems. I have also rated the ability of teamwork or skill management as one of the excellence for formative assessment. The leaders generally help in initiating decisions with approaching to a fruitful result. There are expectations that are for bringing the proper result and also looking on different opportunities. The enhanced creativity and decision making is for improving the approach and my ability or skill to work as excellence in formative assessment.

My Role as Leader in Organization

Being a leader, there are different decisions which one face unheard of problems. There are changes that worked yesterday with the high stakes too. I have led to the productivity of the team and extraordinary results which are consistent too. The factors majorly depend on each other with the duty to work on the world workable. I have to also instruct workers as a spirit of collectivism.

The time is needed for the management with dimensions related to the imposing by managers and system, time imposed by itself which are considered major factors. There are time charts which are for organizing strategies and the ability to introduce time productivity in organization. The managers are considered to be working harder with the time to deal on bigger efficiencies and information. For this, there is a need to work on productivity and fostering team work and enhancing management or proper power use (Zhang et al., 2018).

Continuing Professional Development

There is a need to focus on different factors where Tesco has been involved with the organization and other complexes. It is about how the company has been working in a friendly manner, with different opportunities. There are personal goals, which are for exciting and friendly opportunities and then enhancing to provide a proper opportunity and a tool which is needed to learn and shape future. The process of ongoing is for developing, retaining and recoding the professional skills along with the continued professional development. The abilities are for formal learning, through classes and training or watching people on the job.

The CPD is about the illustration of other processes of learning, professional development and sequential activities. The growth is needed by preparing and carrying the learning standards which reflect on how one is able to manage to the needs and arrange training and learn as well (Portney et al., 2022). The major factor for CPD is personal and being a professional is also a major expertise too with appreciation. With the larger number of variables, there are factors which involves the professionalism and then ensuring about the interest in CPD with the investments made to ensure a proper quality along with the helping of employees, customers and the other people (Guo, 2019). The tendencies to work on continual improvement and current expertise with skills can also certainly get rusty too. One can work on the workplace in a productive manner and increased awareness is by CPD too. This will improve likelihood for guiding, handling and teaching others as well (Brewer et al., 2018).


I would like to state about my skills and knowledge which are about continuous development and then understanding about the 5 years’ experience at work. Not only this, I need to know about the creativity and leadership skills which are for focusing on motivational styles and then guiding team for the attaining of proper goals and the objectives. I must also be capable of solving the conflicts and then making proper decisions as well. This will lead to enhancing the creativity and leadership skills as well. The CPD is important for ensuring to be qualified in the career and industry along with ensuring a continued phase which is for the career and professional development (Muller et al., 2018). It is important to stay and promote the career or raise profits. This is important and the final result is for the well-planned ongoing phase with the professional growth that is majorly on protecting public, employers and the team of professional people along with my career to. This is also about conceiving and implementing as it provides a proper practice, employer and the benefits for public too.


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