Policy (Please refer to page no 8) Type and source of

BSBSUS501 DEVELOP WORKPLACE POLICY AND PROCEDURES FOR SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT 1   Introduction (Introduce the case study and current scenario) Part A Scope of Sustainability Policy (Please refer to page no 8) Type and source of information required for developing sustainability policy (Discuss best practices, relevant legislations and other internal and external sources of information. Refer to page no 9-15) Stakeholder consultation (Discuss whom you consulted and how. Refer to page no 23-26) Methods and approaches for policy development and implementation (Refer to page no 18-22 and 30-33) Part B Written Report of Policy Proposal 1. Identify appropriate strategies (Refer to page no 22) 2. Establish goals and objectives (Discuss new goals and objectives and how the strategic plan could be updated to include these new goals and objectives. Also, discuss that the new goals and objectives fir in the organisation’s overall objectives?) 3. Recommendations (Give recommendations discussing the likely effectiveness, timeframe and cost) 4. MCC ethos and commitment to sustainability (Write a paragraph that reflects MCC’s ethos and commitment to sustainability as an integral part of business planning and as a business opportunity) 5. Changes required in Organisation (Discuss the changes that will be required in the organisational chart and the position description of individuals. Refer to pg. 84 for organisational chart Discuss the updates that could be required to be made to different documents including organisation’s policies. Also, what new documents will be required to support new roles and responsibilities?) 6. Monitoring the policies (Discuss how you will monitor the policies) 7. Information technology requirements (Discuss how you will manage information technology requirements of sustainability management system? Outline the software you will use to record and file information to measure usage of resources and the software to assist in the analysis of charts, flowcharts, graphs and other visual information.) 8. Methods of implementation (Recommend appropriate methods of implementation. Refer to pg. 32) Part C Copy of workplace sustainability policy (Prepare a finalized copy of workplace sustainability policy to be implemented. Refer to sample policy on pg. 88-90) Promotional flyer (Prepare a promotional flyer to inform MCC staff about the new MCC workplace sustainability policy. In this flyer, include the positive outcomes of implementation) Communication Strategy (Refer to pg. 39) Part D Implementation Plan (Please refer to pg. 45-46 for sample implementation plan) Recording system for monitoring (How recording system will be used to monitor the success of the sustainability policy? Strategies for supporting continuous improvement (Explain how continuous improvement will continue to be a strong focus within MCC and outline any strategies for supporting and encouraging the involvement of everyone in this process) Part E Review of workplace sustainability policy Report on review of MCC workplace sustainability policy Impact of changes made. Are the objects being met? Has the use of resources increased or decreased? Recommendations for the changes to the policy What are the perceptions of employees regarding the new policy?

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