POL298: International Political Economy

  1. With reference to different conceptual approaches in IPE, critically evaluate
    arguments for and against free international trade.
  2. With reference to international economic governance, critically examine the evolution of the Bretton Woods institutions.
  3. Critically examine the claim that globalization has weakened the nation-state.
  4. ‘Mainstream approaches to addressing climate change and environmental
    degradation are basically “too little, too late”’. Critically discuss.
  5. Critically evaluate China’s economic rise since the late 20th century as an example of state-led developmentalism.
  6. Critically examine different political economy approaches to understanding global economic crises.
  7. Critically discuss the underlying causes of the European Union’s spate of economic and political crises over the past two decades.
  8. Critically evaluate the claim that US hegemony is in decline.