Please, can you help me with a .

Please, can you help me with a 1500 word proposal for a small-scale research project about consumers’ buying behaviour. I should be selected a commercial environment within my local area as the focus of my research. I would like to specify that I am living in England. The proposal should: ? – Clearly articulate the aims and objectives of your research, sharing your research question (hypothesis). ? – Share your rationale for your project; typically this should include justification of both the commercial setting and what you hope to learn about consumer behaviour. ? – Ensure that you underpin your proposal with application of relevant theoretical concepts to support the justification of your approach. ? – It is critical to explicitly outline the ethical considerations associated with your research and how you propose to address these. – Observe the Harvard style of referencing theoretical concepts both in-text and in the references list at the end of your assignment. It should be adopted a report format for the proposal. I would like to mention that after the research proposal, around November, I would need also your help for another thing which it will be related to this. Firstfully, I would need the approval and feedback from my tutor. I am writing you here the details for the CW2, in case if you need to take those in consideration for the research proposal: For the CW2 it will be needed implementing the proposed research project. The focus of CW2 assessment is two-fold: 1. Report on the findings following the implementation of the research project i.e. sharing what is learnt about consumer behaviour as a result of undertaking the research project. 2. Analyse the findings. The analysis should be underpinned by application of relevant theoretical concepts. The presentation should be of a professional standard in which you clearly and concisely present your findings and share your analysis. Better presentations will make effective use of charts, graphs and diagrams.

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