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Instructions for submission are found in the course description. Assignments with Cover Sheets not signed at the bottom will be returned unmarked and may then incur a penalty for late submission. ASSESSMENT INFORMATION
PLAGIARISM The School and the University regards as a very serious matter the action of a student who acts dishonestly or improperly, including plagiarism or cheating, in connection with his or her academic work. Under University Regulation 6.1.1 “Plagiarism” is defined as “…the presentation of the works of another person / other persons as though they are one’s own by failing to properly acknowledge that person / those persons”. Plagiarism may take many forms including: • direct copying of sentences, paragraphs or other extracts from someone else’s published work (including on the Internet and in software) without acknowledging the source; • paraphrasing someone else’s words without acknowledging the source; • using facts, information, ideas, concepts or diagrams derived from a source without acknowledging them; • producing assignments which should be the student’s own independent work, in unauthorised collaboration with and/or using the work of other people (e.g. a student or tutor, or working in pairs or groups and producing similar assignments on individual assessment tasks • not referencing accurately (e.g. not citing correctly the