Peter is the Network Security .

NIT5140 – Information Security – SEM 2, 2016 Assignment Page 1 Due date: Monday 3rd OCT 2016 (5:00 p.m. AEST) – Week 10 ASSESSMENT Weighting: 20% Submission Requirements You are required to submit: 1. A single Microsoft Word file (unzipped) via the VU Collaborate course web site. Details about the online submission process required for this assessment item are available from the course website. 2. A copy of your message.txt, extra_logo.png, files from Question 3. Question 1 (5 marks) Note: for this question, you need to download a PCAP file located on the VU Collaborate. Peter is the Network Security Manager for a small spare parts business. The organisation uses an e-sales application to provide a front-end for its e-sales business. Customers are complaining that in the last two or three days the system has become very slow, taking them longer than normal to place their orders. This information has been corroborated by staff complaining that they are not happy with the slow response of the system to complete their daily activities. Peter suspects that the system has been the target of criminal hands and before he starts responding to the attack, he decides to investigate the issue a little further. First, he reviews the firewall logs and notices something abnormal in the type of traffic directed to a number of internal hosts including the organisation’s web server. Curious about this traffic, Peter uses Wireshark to capture a trace of the traffic. [A section of this trace can be accessed from the course Moodle web site]. Based on the above fictional scenario and the provided PCAP: (a) Identify the anomaly in the traffic this organisation is going through. What sort of evidence do you have to make this claim? (2 0 Marks). (b) Provide the IP address of the host used by the perpetrator. Based on this information, what can you tell about the profile of this individual? Explain why (1.5 Marks). (c) What Wireshark filter do you think Peter used to produce the given PCAP? Explain why (1.5 Marks). (Note: One to three lines for each answer is sufficient length to get full marks)NIT5140 – Information Security – SEM 2, 2016 Assignment Page 2 Question 2 (10 marks) You are the system’s administrator of Reliable Power Supplies (RPS), a medium sized company that builds UPSs and switched power supplies for the computing industry. Your task is the analysis, design and configuration of a Firewall System that secures the inbound and outbound traffic at RPS. After conducting the needs analysis you have a clear picture of the type of firewall system that best suits RPS. In the internal network, there is a special host ( running an application that would be disastrous if it was compromised. Therefore for your design, you opt for a dual firewall system that you believe is the best option for this specific case. You also go for a demilitarized zone (Network Address containing the e-mail ( and Web services ( of the company. Apart from providing NAT services and Packet Filtering, the first firewall (part of the dual configuration) acts as a Web and FTP Proxy server. This first firewall is connected to the Internet via and to the DMZ via The second firewall is used to filter traffic between the internal network and the DMZ. It is connected via to the DMZ and via to the internal network. The internal network address is The security policy requirements used to configure the firewalls are outlined as follows. RPS Web server contains public information including a product catalogue that is accessible to Internet users and it also provides secure online purchasing functionality using SSL/TLS. The internal users are also allowed to access all RPS WWW services; however they are allowed to access Internet WWW and FTP services only via the proxy located on the first firewall via port 3028. As mentioned, the internal network has a special host ( which has complete access to any host and any services without using proxy services configured in the first firewall system. The remaining internal hosts must go via proxy on first firewall. The security policy requirements also dictate the e-mail server to receive from and send messages to hosts on the Internet and the internal users; however these internal users are to retrieve their messages via IMAP. Any other service which is not explicitly outlined in the security policy should be restricted from RPS network. Your tasks: A. Provide a network layout (network diagram) showing all the components of RPS network including both firewalls, the email and web servers, the DMZ, and all the internal hostsNIT5140 – Information Security – SEM 2, 2016 Assignment Page 3 (Note that you should draw all the internal hosts. The number of internal hosts can be found from the internal network address given above). Ensure you label all hosts (servers, internal computers and firewalls) with appropriate names and write the IP addresses for each network interface. Marking (4 Marks): 2 Marks for including all components of the network 2 Marks for labeling all hosts with names and respective IP addresses B. You are required to develop two sets of rules for the dual firewall. One will process traffic travelling between the Internet to the DMZ and Intranet. The other will process traffic travelling between the Intranet and the DMZ. You need to also explain what each rule does. You should complete the following four (4) tables, adding rows where necessary. Table 1 Internet Rules (Firewall 1) Rule Protocol Transport protocol Source IP Source Port Destination IP Destination Port Action 1 2 3 Table 2 Internet Rules Explanations (Firewall 1) Rule Number Explanation 1 2 3 Table 3 Intranet / DMZ rules (Firewall 2) Rule Protocol Transport protocol Source IP Source Port Destination IP Destination Port Action 1 2 3 Table 4 Intranet/DMZ Rule Explanations (Firewall 2) Rule Explanation 1 2 3NIT5140 – Information Security – SEM 2, 2016 Assignment Page 4 Marking (6 Marks): 1.5 Marks for meeting the requirements of the Internet rules 1 .5Marks for the descriptions of the Internet rules 1.5 Marks for meeting the requirements of the Intranet/DMZ rules 1.5 Marks for the descriptions of the Intranet/DMZ rules Question 3: (5 Marks) Steganography Exercise This exercise requires you to use Steganography to embed secret text into a graphic file and also to embed a secret watermark into a second graphic file. To accomplish these tasks you are to download a copy of OpenStego from the internet. You will also need to download the two graphic files vu_logo.png and Footscray.jpg from VU Collaborate. Data Hiding in a graphic file [5 Marks] You are to create a “message.txt” file containing the text “This is my hidden text file” to use as your Message File in OpenStego. You are to use “vu_logo.png” as your Cover File in OpenStego and “extra_logo.png” as your Output Stego File. Note: You MUST use your student number (sxxxxxxx) as the password . You are to include both your message.txt and extra_logo.png files in your assignment submission. Note: You MUST include a copy of your message.txt , extra_logo.png, files with your assignment submission. Question 4 Marking Criteria 1.5 marks for correct message.txt, 1.5 marks for correct password, 2 marks for correct extra_logo.png file.

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