personal response to new information

Detailed instructions A reflective piece should be a personal response to new information, which is shaped by your own experiences. Reflective thinking involves the processing of information, where thinking and learning takes place. It involves considering how and why you think the way you do, and an examination of your beliefs, values, attitudes and assumptions that form the foundations of your understanding. In your reflective essay, you can discuss: • your perceptions of the term ‘effectiveness’ • experiences, ideas and observations that you have had in response to the ideas explored in the subject • what you found confusing, interesting, difficult or inspiring, and why • unanswered questions • comparisons and connections between what you are learning and your experiences or preconceptions • how new ideas challenge what you already know • your speculations or hypotheses.
In this essay, the reflective component will be mostly subjective. You can comment based on your experiences, rather than limiting your discussions to academic evidence. A reflective essay allows you to use different modes of writing and language, including: • descriptive (outlining what something is or how it is done) • explanatory (explaining the why or how) • expressive (I think or I believe)
Where you discuss the work of others, sources should be referenced. You may find this resource on Essay Writing helpful. Make sure you cite and correctly reference your sources, using the Academy of Management referencing style. To site discussion forum posts from fellow students, use format detailed below.