personal development plan

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For this project, you are to consider your future. This will require you to develop a personaldevelopment plan with career objectives, and an action plan.You should take the time to make this project an effective development tool for your future.When developing your personal development plan consider and address the following points andcriteria:
? Identify the skills and knowledge required to work effectively in the construction industry? Consult with your supervisor to identify your own learning needs? Conduct an honest self analysis of your current skills? Assess your skills against the requirements of your objectives and identify anyshortcomings? Identify career goals? Identify the skills required to achieve your career goals? Identify strategies and resources to achieve your goals? Appropriate opportunities to learn and develop the skills and knowledge you require.? Consider timeframes for achieving your learning goals? Develop a 3 Year action plan
Instructions:Your first step is to conduct a self analysis on your performance and direction through obtainingfeedback from your employers, colleagues and your trainer. This feedback is vital to ensure you havea holistic view of your current standing, and should be assessed against competency standards todetermine your development needs, priorities and plans.Once you have obtained and considered this feedback, you need to create a professional developmentplan for yourself that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time specific. Your professionaldevelopment plan should include:? Objectives that are linked to your personal and professional objectives.? Steps you will take to meet your goals
SubmissionIn submitting this project, you are to include the following:? A set of career goals? Evidence of obtaining feedback from others? Personal Development Plan? An action plan for the next 5 years to achieve a specific career goal