People Management Guidance

BM3/15552 People Management Guidance for Individual Assignment You are required to address the following 2-part for the assignment.
1. Individual Report – Part 1
Title Part 1: (2,000 words).
Critically analyse the overall role of the HRM (dept./function) in developing a coherent approach to people management. (You may contrast two organisations’ approaches to illustrate your argument, but keep your focus on the ‘role of HRM in creating coherence’).
Introduction: Micro explanation of what you are going to talk about. What is the overall role of the HRM department or function in businesses?
Consider how HRM as a discipline and a sector has evolved through the decades to the current times, critically comment on the pros and cons.
What is the current role of HRM now, and what is the HRM System?
Subsequently, what are the implications and consequences of this to staff, line managers and the organisation, and the sector?
In conclusion, what does this tell us about the current role of the HRM department & function in creating ‘coherence’ (i.e., alignment with the corporate strategy?)
What are your conclusions