Peer Evaluation Grading Scheme


Group Participation Score Matrix

Each team member will assign a “teamwork” score from 1 (low) to 5 (highest) for other members of your group using this participation score matrix and the Peer Evaluation Grading Scheme below.

You will also need to assign yourself a participation score! Be honest!

Submit this score matrix to your Instructor on (or before) the due date of this assessment.

The Instructor will use the average “teamwork” score for each member.

Grading Matrix

Member Name/ID

Average Participation Score
(1 lowest to 5 highest)



Peer Evaluation Grading Scheme



5 Builds team’s identity and commitment

Leads team

Evaluates teams’ outcomes

Implements strategies for enhancing team effectiveness

4 Understands group dynamics and team roles

Facilitates team development

Renegotiates responsibilities, tasks and schedules to meet needed change

3 Contributes to small group discussions to reach agreement on issues

Works together with others towards shared goals

Renegotiates responsibilities to meet needed change

2 Participates effectively in teams

Identifies team and individual goals, tasks, responsibilities and schedules

Contributes to group processes

Supports the team

1 Does not participate effectively in a team environment

Places individual goals ahead of the group responsibility

Hinders the group process and upsets the schedule