Peer assessment. See marking scheme Failure to attend

32118 – On project presentation and report Assessment items Weight Remarks Presentation (wk11,12) 20 marks 25-minute presentation which will be peer-assessed by your fellow students and the tutor. Peer assessment. See marking scheme Failure to attend BOTH weeks of presentations (week 11 and week 12) will result in 10 marks being deducted for each week not attending. Small Report 5 marks Show the logical flow of your screens. You also need to provide a flow diagram to help illustrate program behaviour. Further information about the report will be available. Overall evaluation of the project by the tutor 5 marks This mark will only be granted to exceptionally well selected, well designed, and well presented. Specifications and instructions are specified in the project description and the subject outline. You need to follow them closely. I emphasise some of the points below. For group presentation of the design of the selected mobile application. • Everyone HAS TO BE at their lab for PEER assessment for both week 11 and week 12. If we do not have your marksheet we assume that you are absent. • All groups must be ready for presentation in week 11, even some groups are scheduled for presentation in week 12. • Everyone in the group has to participate in the group presentation. For the report: It is BOTH hard copy and Turnitin submissions. You need to submit a hardcopy of the report to your tutors (by some arrangement) The report will include: 1. Page 1 is the brochure of the application (to sell your application to target users) 2. Page 2 describes a) what they actually did in the final design b) outstanding features of the application c) flow chart of the operation of the design (that is to show how the application works). This is not the same as the essay as what you actually designed may be different from what you planned. 3. Attach the slides of their presentation (25-30 screen shots) We mark only page 1 and page 2 BUT you have to attach the screenshots of your design as presented in your presentation in weeks 10 and 11.

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