Part 3: Critical review of a current debate.

Part 3: Critical review of a current debate in project management literature: To prepare: • Select a current debate in project management literature. • Search the Internet and University of Roehampton Library and identify a relevant article about a current debate in the project management literature. To complete the critical review, compose an essay of approximately 1,000 words that includes: 1. An introductory paragraph identifying the current debate you selected and why it interests you. 2. A section critically reviewing the debate as presented in the article. 3. A conclusion explaining how you think the current debate could be resolved in the future. 4. References in Harvard Format. Examples of current debates in project management you might address are found in readings throughout the unit. Some of these include: • Projects as a temporary organisation • Stakeholder involvement in project management • Impact of organisational structure and/or culture on projects • Project risk drivers • Project completion • Project planning tools In many cases, different authors use the same terms to describe different concepts, or different terms to mean what are essentially very similar ideas. Do not let terminology worry you; discuss your chosen concepts or theories in specific, descriptive language, without too much jargon.

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