P Instructions The IT installation.

P Instructions The IT installation at MCVR Inc has been run under a full outsourcing arrangement for the past ten (10) years. Over the last year there have been some significant problems with the both the outsourced IT operations and a lack of innovative in IT services offered by the service provider. As it is now time to renegotiate the next outsourcing contract, the MCVR Board of Directors is considering the following options: 1. Stay with the current outsource service provider. 2. Find a new outsource service provider. 3. A selective outsourcing arrangement with a mix of in-house and outsourced IT. As the Board has often just thought of outsourcing as “somebody else running IT for us” they will not make any decision to proceed until these options have been thoroughly researched. It is for this reason the Board wishes to get a deeper understanding of the above three (3) options, before determining which avenue to pursue. You have been given the task to produce a research report for the Board of Directors on the above options. The report must include descriptive information, advantages and disadvantages and any issues identified for each of the options listed above. It is envisaged that your submission will be between 3000 and 3500 words in length (excluding references). Care should be taken to follow the guidelines presented below, particularly with regard to style of presentation and referencing of sources. Your submission should have at least 12 unique sources of in-text references from journals and textbooks. Assessment Your submission will be assessed according to the points below. Appropriate style 3 marks Report development and structure 3 marks Relevance of content 6 marks Development of key ideas and concepts 9 marks Formulation of discussion 9 marks Amount of research evident in content 5 marks Non Submission 0 marks Late assignments will be deducted one mark per day late, more than seven days late the assignment will receive zero. Special consideration, for late submission, must be arranged beforehand with the Subject Co-ordinator. Assignment Return It is envisaged that assignment marks and feedback will be returned via email by November 14th, 2014. Submission Guidelines The management report must have a title page stating the student’s name and number, subject name and number, and the due date. On a separate page following, there should be an executive summary (see the template in UTS Online). This should be followed by a table of contents, the report body and the conclusions / recommendations section. The use of headings and sub-headings is encouraged to help structure the report. Page headers and footers should be used and pages must be numbered. The report body should allow margins of three (3) centimetres for comments and use one and a half (1.5) line spacing. All material derived from other works (except the assignment case study) must be acknowledged. If using material derived from other sources the report must have: 1. A bibliography/reference list of all works included in the research report. This should list the books and articles, which have been quoted or used in the research report; they should be arranged alphabetically by author’s surname with anonymous works listed first 2. The acknowledgement of all evidence and sources of information using the Harvard Referencing System. 3. If diagrams and tables are used to explain the text they should be numbered, titled and, if copied from literature, the source should be quoted immediately underneath.

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